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This collection gave me some ideas to think about. I'm trying to build a game ecology that tends toward equilibrium from actions. Winning doesn't mean you keep winning and losing doesn't mean you keep losing. At the same time, you want incentives for PCs to take action, share and not hoard resources. RAGS and Engine both have something that I cannot quite put my finger on.

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Thanks - maybe Spice too a little? Any success with a "stat" makes failure more likely next time, and vice-versa.

Glad you got a little inspiration! 

This is all 'in progress'. I have only two 'traits': Body, Soul. Right now the idea is to allow the players to trade Soul for Body and vice versa. The current price to buy one with the other is equal to the current number of that trait. If you have zero for both, you're 'dead'. You earn Soul 'points' in the typical game-play reward manner and they can be used to 'accentuate the positive' in the game like Fate or Fudge coins.

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This is such a great set of SRD/mechanics! Many interesting and resourceful ideas and I wish I had less work and more design time to experiment with each!!!!


RAGS is great. You’ve captured the feel of an OSR system using token mechanics. I love the idea of starting with 1d6 tokens and using tokens as hitpoints. You’ve also allowed for a lot of room to maneuver with the spend/gain token economy. Well done!