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What will Kampala be like in the year 2060? Will the world have addressed the challenges of climate change? What new technologies might have been developed, and will they be working as intended? What old knowledge may have taken on new significance? What adventures will be possible?

Kampala Yénkya is a game of mapmaking and worldbuilding. It is inspired by Avery Alder’s tabletop roleplaying game The Quiet Year and the fiction of Dilman Dila (including the short story “First Day at Work”).

It is a game about collaborating to create the future.

Note on this edition: This is the "Oracle" edition of the game. To play it, you will need a print-out of the rules, an ordinary deck of cards, some art materials, plus some small objects (e.g. matchsticks, beans, pebbles) to use as story stones. If you are a Ugandan educator, climate activist, or TTRPG enthusiast, we would love to hear from you, and can send you a free copy of the "Deluxe" edition while stocks last (j.c.walton@sussex.ac.uk).  For more background on the game, see this article on the Sussex Humanities Lab blog. A prototype in Luganda is also available.

Developed by: Dilman Dila (www.dilmandila.com/), Maurice Ssebisubi, Jo Lindsay Walton, Polina Levontin, Jana Kleineberg (kleineberg.co.uk), Bright Nkrumah, Paul Mukwaya, Joanne Katende, and Ruth Baturwake.

Many thanks to the Sussex Sustainability Programme, the Sussex Humanities Lab,  Peter Newell, Conjured Games, Tanya Floaker, Hannah, Alex, Grant, Master Blaster, and Shuaib Lwasa.


Kampala Yénkya (Oracle).pdf 7 MB

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