Generate glimpse mosaics for the TTRPG The Shrike. Are these images themselves the glimpses? Or are the glimpses what darts in the spaces in-between?

This is an experiment created using Twine and DALL-E Mini, with a little help from DALL-E-2 and Midjourney. It includes some text from Steve Aylett's Heart of the Original, Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, Ruth Levitas's Utopia as Method, Marcel Proust's Within a Budding Grove, and J.H. Prynne's 'Difficulties in the Translation of “Difficult” Poems'. It was created summer 2022, during the early days of easily accessible AI image-making, during an intense heatwave, and during what appears to be a tipping point reconfiguring the relationship of art to electricity.

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GenreRole Playing
Made withTwine
Tagscosmic-horror, solarpunk, Steampunk, Tabletop role-playing game

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