This Twine tool was created for playtesting *The Bone Butterfly,* a GM-less RPG for 1-4 players, about an emo skyship battling Lightning Spiders and exploring all possible ways of living and being. You can also use the tool to play *The Bone Butterfly* without needing cards or dice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Draw a card, and choose one of the two prompts to respond to. Tell the story however you like. If you need to adjust your resource levels, click on the plus and minus signs. If you start a new project, the tool will roll a die for you to see how long it takes, and remind you when it's finished. When you're done with each card, click NEXT CARD. For each crew member you lose, you may reduce a challenge target number by 2. Try to build up some resources for your final challenge, which will come after about 45 cards.

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